Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The JigSher Team

Coaching the Jigme Sherubling football team was one of the highlights of my entire two years in Bhutan. I had the opportunity to get to know my students outside of class and travel with them to numerous football tournaments.

The following is a video that was recorded primarily in Orong, Samdrup Jongkhar at the Inter-dzongkhag championship. We spent four nights sleeping on the floor of a classroom, and our days were filled with sunshine, football and dancing.

Although we were the favourites going into the tournament (and even through out the tournament), due to several unforeseen events, we did not win. But the players, being the good sports that they are, never stopped being a team. They never stopped smiling, never stopped clowning around, never stopped being the fabulous kids that they are.

This video was a treat I made for them because coaching them was by far the greatest treat I experienced in Bhutan. Thanks guys.

I apologize for the low quality. The blog will only accept certain file types and has a maximum size that has forced me to convert it to a low quality video.


  1. Can't view the video here as the connection is too weak but I wanted to tell you we bumped into a student of yours in Rangjung on the weekend and his first words were "Do you know NIck?" Without missing a beat we both said yes! Context is everything. You are fondly remembered here Nick

  2. Yalama! Thanks for the comment, Vicky! I miss it like anything! I'm still following along on your blog. The combination of hearing about your time there and comments like this one makes me cry. Still trying to figure out why exactly I left there. But I'm happy that you guys are still there making your mark and keeping the place warm for the rest of us should we ever decide to return!

    Stay well and say hi to all the familiar faces for me!

    1. Hello, would you mind if I could ask you questions related to your experiences in working abroad. I am wanting to do this and am researching the right fit for me. I live in Alberta, my email is

  3. Hello Nick,

    Thank you for this beautiful and inspiring blog.

    With warmth,

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  5. Me finding this only nine yrs later I wonder how and what he is doing now

  6. Reading this while pretending to do some school work hehe love it! Unfortunately it seems like it's not active anymore

  7. The following is a video that was recorded primarily in Orong.
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