Friday, April 2, 2010

Blog #4: Out of the Dark

Hello friends, family and curious readers. I apologize for the lengthy gap in my postings. I have received so many kind and encouraging words regarding the blog, all of which I appreciate greatly. I have honestly been trying to stay in communication with the Western world, but Bhutan is a long way from home, and things here don't operate quite the same way that they do in Canada.

Up until two or three days ago, my internet access had been limited to a few minutes per week, and even those few minutes are only thanks to the kindness of one of my friends. A few days ago the school finally received the most basic internet connection, so I am going to attempt to start posting again, but I apologize in advance if once again there are long periods without communication, for this is my life in Bhutan, and perhaps the lack of accessibility to describe that life actually describes it best.

So please stay tuned for some lengthy posts summarizing the missing months. I'm doing my best to capture the beauty of the country as well the experience. I do feel that I sometimes write too much, but it is hard to limit the story of my experience, so for that I apologize. I hope that reading the postings is more enjoyable than it is painful.

Thanks for reading!

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